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Get issues out of Slack

Create tasks in TaskSift from Slack messages with bug descriptions and feature requests.

Send messages, images, and files to TaskSift with one click.

Channel users can follow status updates.

Available from the Slack App Directory.

Info and video

TaskSift integrates with Slack
TaskSift integrates with GitHub

Get issues in and out of GitHub

Exchange issues with GitHub and sync statuses.

Reads and writes GitHub issues.

No access to code required.

Selectable repositories.


Full list of integrations


Status synchronization

No longer chase people for status updates.

Status changes like "Open > Closed" are instantly visible in TaskSift.

For tasks based on multiple source tickets each individual source status is also visible.

Modify item statuses within TaskSift or jump to the original tickets.
Update status of related tickets inside TaskSift
Get back to individual customers

Get back to everyone

Impress customers with timely and personal replies.

TaskSift tracks and displays links to all tickets that were used as sources for one particular task.

Use these links to jump into a ticket's own app to respond to customer or your team.


File management

Images, videos, and other attachments are extracted by TaskSift from tickets, emails, cards, and issues.

Individual ticket attachments can be copied into tasks.

Ticket attachments are stored by TaskSift to preserve short-lived file data e.g. from emails or deleted tickets.
Move attachments from imported tickets into your user stories
Write user stories using Markdown


TaskSift stores task content as Markdown making it suitable for various output formats.

TaskSift offers two-way conversion between HTML and Markdown including links to images and attachments.

Tasks published to external apps are converted to the destination's preferred format including HTML, Markdown, Textile, and plain text.

Context pages

Context pages display links to all tickets on which a task is based.

Context pages provide designers, developers, and testers with important background information.

Each task published to e.g. a GitHub issue contains a link to a context page.

Context pages are also accessible by non-TaskSift users.
Published user stories contain a link to a context page
Publish user stories with TaskSift to GitHub and others

Publish, to anywhere

Send tasks created with TaskSift to apps like Azure DevOps or GitHub.

A link to a TaskSift "context page" is added to every published task. This helps your team to see the origination of bugs and feature requests.


Secure OAuth authentication

Sign up without having to create yet another account.

Register and sign in with GitHub.

Register and sign in with GitLab.

Register and sign in with G Suite.

Register and sign in with Microsoft.
Sign up and log in securely with OAuth and GitHub, GitLab, G Suite, and Microsoft
TaskSift does not store contents of ticket bodies

No body

TaskSift does not store bodies of imported tickets.

TaskSift does not store ticket bodies in its database since it may contain sensitive data.

Instead, ticket bodies are fetched on-the-fly when displayed (except for email tickets).

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