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In 2013 I co-founded ClubCollect, a successful 100K+ MRR fintech company based in Amsterdam.

With thousands of customers, my team and I often struggled to triage every bug report and feature request. Moreover, we wanted to get back to each user personally who reported an issue.

As CTO and product owner I often looked for solutions but didn't find one. In late 2019 I founded TaskSift to crack this nut.

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Erik van Eykelen
Founder of TaskSift


TaskSift is owned and operated by Releasewise B.V., a private limited liability company registered in The Netherlands. Its Chamber of Commerce registration is 75862751. The postal address is Borgerderstraat 8, 9527TD Bronneger, The Netherlands (EU).


You can contact us in the following ways:


Has TaskSift piqued your professional interest? If so please get in touch. We are slowly growing the team, adding specialists in the areas of digital marketing, design, UI, UX, support, DevOps, security, and programming.

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