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Triage & process customer issues easier and faster

TaskSift integrates with Slack

Why TaskSift?

Reason #1

Stop letting customer issues fall through the cracks.

Reason #2

Spend less time creating and publishing tasks to tools like GitHub.

Reason #3

Shorten the time it takes to go from ticket > to task > to fix.

Who is it for?

Product owners

Bugs should not run into a traffic jam of user stories and feature prioritizations. With TaskSift you place issues into a fast lane to be fixed, tested, and deployed ASAP.

Dev leads and technical founders

In smaller companies and startups, triaging bug reports usually comes down to the development lead or technical founder. To those we say: check out TaskSift, it'll save you a good deal of time.
Reuse ticket content in your tasks
Update status of related tickets inside TaskSift

How does it work?

It interfaces with email, Slack, etc

Customer issues—unfortunately—live everywhere. Canny, Clubhouse, email, Google Sheets, Jira, Trello, Zendesk, you name it. TaskSift pulls in new tickets straight from the source. And we're constantly adding new integrations.

It tracks issue statuses across apps

Suppose three customers complain about the same thing in three different places and you want to get back to all three after rolling out a fix. TaskSift lets you do that.

Why better than X?

Specifically made for customer issues

X is probably great when collaboratively working on user stories or prioritizing features. TaskSift on the other hand is better at combining customer issues into single tasks and ensuring they're quickly picked up by your development team.

Okay, now what?

If you want to supercharge your ticket-to-task flow then sign up for the free trial.
Publish tasks to GitHub and others
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TaskSift integrates with the tools you know—with just 1 click

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Built for product owners and development leads

Tired of losing track of customer issues?

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